A lot of people favour handcrafted jewelry over mass-produced jewelry because of its uniqueness. They believe that a one-off piece of jewelry has something special about it. Even though it may contain the same materials that produced jewelry does.


Something else that attracts people to handcrafted jewelry is that the buyer feels that they are supporting the person who made it. There are many individuals from different parts of the world that make this kind of jewelry. In Canada, there are several artisans who make their living from handcrafting beautiful jewelry. Their customers take pride in knowing that they are supporting and encouraging the artisan.

The Story

Individuals who make handcrafted jewelry are artists. All artists tell a story through their work. Each time this craftsperson designs a new piece, there is something behind it that allows them to be creative. It could be memories of a trip they took or something they saw that sparks them to create the piece. This is just another concept that makes the unique piece so special.

Piece by Piece

Those that are crafting this type of jewelry don’t rely on mass amounts of machinery. The majority of their work is done by hand. Even for many when it comes to buffing the beautiful stones that it may be comprised of. A buffing machine does quick work to bring the shine through, but hand buffing takes time and yet these artisans often insist that this is what makes the piece genuinely handcrafted.


Buyers of handcrafted jewelry recognize the amount of time that goes into creating each piece of handcrafted jewelry. They appreciate this, and it makes them feel that their piece that they have purchased has more value to it, aside from the value of the components that it is made of.

The Connection

Handcrafting jewelry artisans perfect every component of the piece that they are working on. Intense concentration is placed on each stage of the piece that they are working on. Individuals who buy this jewelry recognize that there is much more to the piece than its beauty. They respect the craftsmanship that has gone into the piece.


People that are wearing handcrafted jewelry are usually pleased that their piece is one of a kind. Even if an artisan produces several pieces. For example, the artist may specialize in making bracelets. They may incorporate the same style and design, but no two pieces will look exactly the same. Every handcrafter of jewelry develops their own style. Quite often a piece of jewelry can depict who the artisan is just by the style of the jewelry. This is how these individuals are able to brand themselves.


Another exciting aspect of buying handcrafted jewelry is often that the artist can make a piece based on the instructions of the customer. They may want a certain number of stones placed in a specific design. This is something where the artisan can accommodate their requests very closely. People enjoy being able to have some input into the types of jewelry they are going to wear. Or if they are having a piece made as a gift for someone they know. It is another aspect that makes this kind of jewelry extra special.

The next time you are thinking about purchasing a piece of jewelry, do check out some handcrafted pieces first.