• Certificate of Authenticity

    of Authenticity

    Carrera y Carrera jewels are characterized by their instantly recognizable designs.  By their very nature, the jewelry pieces require a very exact and demanding manufacturing process that can only be undertaken by highly skilled goldsmiths, each one an artist in their craft.  

    All Carrera y Carrera jewels are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity confirming that the piece has been crafted by hand using precious metals and gemstones in the Carrera y Carrera workshop in Madrid, Spain. 

    Additionally, all jewelry pieces carry the Carrera y Carrera hallmark and are engraved with a unique serial number that identifies each particular piece.

  • Use and care recommendations for Carrera y Carrera jewels

    How to care for your Carrera
    y Carrera jewelry

    Taking care of your jewelry will help ensure that it continues to give pleasure and delight for years to come. Precious metals and gemstones do not degrade over time; however, it is very important to correctly store Carrera y Carrera jewelry. Please make sure the metal and stones on one piece cannot scratch or knock against other jewelry pieces in your collection.

    If you need to clean your Carrera y Carrera jewelry, you should use lukewarm water and a gentle, glycerin-free soap. A soft brush can also be used. After cleaning, you should rinse the jewelry in gently running water and dry with a 100% cotton soft white cloth. If cleaning is too difficult due to the intricate design of the piece, we recommend bringing the piece to Carrera y Carrera’s nearest authorized retailer for advice.

    Diamonds and precious stones should be washed with a fine, soft brush in soapy water, then dipped in 96° alcohol and left to dry.

    Please take particular care to avoid letting Carrera y Carrera jewelry come into contact with mercury (it is often found in thermometers and some automatic watches). This liquid metal immediately binds to gold upon contact, penetrating it and combining with it, yielding a dirty matt silver color.  Over time the mercury can start to dissolve the gold, which can cause the gold to break, ultimately destroying the piece of jewelry.

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The gold carving expertise of the Company’s artisans is unique in the world, and one of the defining characteristics that has helped establish Carrera y Carrera in a particularly coveted position among the best jewelry brands.

Of all the precious metals, gold is the most attractive in its pure state.  In jewelry, it is necessary to “whiten” the gold – whose natural color is an intense yellow-red – in order to produce an alloy with a color that can vary from white to rose or yellow.

Carrera y Carrera works only with gold that is 750/1000 thousandths; this represents an alloy of 750 parts of pure fine gold with 250 parts of other metals – for example, silver, copper or palladium.   The resulting alloy gives the pure gold mechanical and aesthetic qualities that it does not naturally have, such as hardness, solidity, and color variations.

  • Yellow gold

    Yellow gold

    Carrera y Carrera’s specialty

    An alloy that contains 750g of pure fine gold for every 1000g, plus fine silver and copper.

  • White gold

    White gold

    A singular variety

    An alloy that contains 750g of pure fine gold for every 1000g, plus fine silver and palladium or alloys specific to white gold.

  • Rose gold

    Rose gold

    A growing trend

    An alloy that contains 750g of pure fine gold for every 1000g, plus fine silver and copper in appropriate proportions.


Diamond is pure crystallized carbon.  The price depends on a number of factors including the size (measured in carats), clarity, color, and cut.  In addition to the general characteristics of all gems, the diamond stands out for its other virtues, such as its optical properties and extraordinary hardness.

Carrera y Carrera only works with diamonds that have the following characteristics:

Cut: most of the diamonds are brilliant cut, but pieces are also created with rose-cut, pear, or princess diamonds.

Color: the color scale of the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) uses the alphabet from the letter “D” (extra-white diamonds) to the letter “Z” (yellow or Fancy Yellow) where “D” is the highest letter on the color scale and, as such, the most valuable.

The color range of the diamonds used by Carrera y Carrera varies between the letters “E” and “G”.

Clarity:  The clarity of a diamond refers to its internal perfection.  Minerals, fissures, and growth lines are called “inclusions”.  Diamonds without any observable inclusion using a 10x magnifying glass are considered flawless.

The diamonds used by Carrera y Carrera are graded “VVS” for clarity (very, very small inclusion) that means any imperfection is invisible to the naked eye and very difficult to see even under 10x magnification.

Carat weight:  For precious stones the measure of weight is the carat.  One carat is equal to 0.20 grams; in other words, 5 carats equals one gram. Carrera y Carrera uses diamonds in a range of different sizes according to the design of the particular piece of jewelry.


Please contact the customer service department with any questions or concerns, and they will attempt to solve your doubts