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The Brand

Carrera y Carrera´s true meaning is being part of an exciting creative process. Participate in an artistic experience where each piece is a reflection of a thorough and careful gold craftsmanship. Witness the expertise and sensitivity of one of the best Goldsmiths’ workshops in the world.


Its jewellery tradition and exceptional craftsmanship have made Carrera y Carrera one of the international references among jewellery brands, renowned as one of the 30 most prestigious jewellery firms in the world. The brand has become an icon of luxury due to its unique style, imaginative designs, and magnificent jewellery pieces where gold and precious stones come to life.

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Carrera y Carrera’s vision is founded upon a rigorous and demanding creative process. A process that builds upon both the art and science of sculptural design. Carrera y Carrera’s skilled goldsmiths work tirelessly to make dreams come true.!

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Meet the artisans that make possible the magic that surrounds each of the Carrera y Carrera jewels. A team of unique professionals that feel a true passion for their work

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Creativity is a characteristic inherent to Carrera y Carrera from its inception. Its founder revolutionized the world of jewelry with his own style, a style that the brand has maintained and adapted to new trends thanks to its internal team of designers.

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